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I am trained as an integrative Psychotherapist with an interest in working in a humanistic way.


From working in Central London in my previous career as a Police Officer, and also my studies, I have a broad and in depth knowledge of difference and diversity. 


I strongly believe that the therapeutic relationship is key to promoting change, and I value each client as an individual. I work in a very relational way. 

I have extensive experience of working with the LGBTQ+ Community.

I understand the spectrums regarding identity,  gender, sexuality and relationship diversity (GSRD).

I am a photographer with a keen interest in creativity and mental health. I use creativity in my work, if I deem it to be appropriate.

From having to work online in 2021, I have worked with clients from around the world. I have an understanding of living in a different country, having just returned to the UK after 6 years of living abroad.





BA Honours 
Theory & Practice

I have a BA (honours) in Counselling Studies. My degree focused on integrative counselling and psychotherapy theory and practice. 

My theoretical interests developed in the humanistic approach, and in particular existentialism.

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

I developed my humanistic theory and practice by completing one year of a post graduate degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy in York. I completed my training in Leeds as I felt it was a more diverse city.

Post Graduate Degree in Women´s Studies

I completed a 2 year post graduate multidisciplinary degree, at  the University of York. My main areas of research were related to 'women, bipolar, borderline personality and creativity'. Alongside Counselling I spent 3 years running a group for women with 'complex' issues.

Currently Studying Post Graduate Degree 

I am currently developing my interest in Adult ADHD, and Existential Psychotherapy.

I am studying for a Post Graduate degree at the NSPC, Existential Academy in London. 

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