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Adult ADHD 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Assessments

Since January 2020 I have worked extensively with adults who have, or who suspect they might have ADHD. I cannot formally diagnose the condition, but I can assess a client in order to establish whether ADHD is the right diagnosis.

I can explain the process of 'right to choose', and how to either self refer or refer through your GP to Psychiatry UK (, which significantly shortens the waiting time to be seen through an NHS approved provider.

I can explain the various medications for ADHD, and the way in which they work. I can also help and advise about the 'titration' process, whereby patients are eventually put on the optimum dose of the correct medication for them.

I neither encourage nor discourage the use of medication, I feel it is very personal to each individual. I can help with coping strategies in order to make daily life easier.

ADHD is a very complex and misunderstood condition. It is often misdiagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression, for example. Many adults in later life realise that the diagnosis they have been given, is not the correct one. However, it can be a very difficult and lengthy process to explore other options. 

For some clients the process may take longer, and for others, it might be established in one session that no further sessions are needed. 

I can then write a comprehensive report for a client explaining their symptoms of ADHD, and the impact these symptoms have on their daily lives. This report can be helpful for a psychiatrist, prior to any potential appointment for diagnosis.

The assessment process takes 4 sessions, of one hour each.

There are various other options such as ‘access to work’ that I can provide help with (, which is non means tested.

The cost of a four week assessment is £70 per hour.
The report is £120 to write.

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